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P.'s Vids: "Anchor" - Mindy Gledhill

The inimitable Mindy Gledhill has been a repeat guest on my blog, simply because she is one of a kind, musically and artistically. This video for the title track to her album, "Anchor," exemplifies that artistic individualism.

The cinematography, costuming, and animation come together in a way that fully engage the eye & imagination, yet the overall effect does not over-exaggerate the point…

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P.'s Playlist: "New Girl (PMG Groovemix)" Teron Beal

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As part of the promotional effort for Teron Beal's upcoming album, "Liquor Store," the single, "New Girl," is being used for a remix contest! WOOHOO! Check out my 'Groovemix,' recently completed, comment, and vote on… Continue

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P.'s Pics: First Draft Character #3 - The Homie

The Homie; aka Jay, this guy represents the Urban side of P. Murray - any slang, swag, bedroom appeal, hip-hop music influence, and (sometimes violent) temper comes from Jay. Get to know him. First Draft: Second Edition "Flawed is beautiful..."… Continue

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P.'s Playlist: "Jamaican Girls" - Ryan-O'Neil The One-Hand Bandit

Any chance I have to work on music w/family is always a blessing, and it usually always turns out hella dope. Case in point, this remake of a Beach Boys classic, produced by yours truly and performed by my godbrother, Mr. Ryan-O'Neil. Part of the Summer Song of the Week series.

Follow Ryan on Twitter @RyanOneilMusic, and visit his site:…


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P.'s Vids: "New Girl" - Teron Beal

Why do I keep posting Teron Beal's music? Um, because it's dope! Why else? Check out this fresh-tastic new video for his single, "New Girl." I really, really enjoy this concept & the subtle artistic touches that happen as Beal moves throughout the city. Definitely leave a comment about what you think!!

You can follow Teron on Twitter @…

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P.'s Vids: "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love" - Usher

I'll say it before and I'll say it again, Mark Pitts should've BEEN had this record on the original Usher album, cause THIS joint is FIYA!

In any case, I'm loving this song and this video certainly does it justice. Deceptive simplicity is clearly the motive here, as we are given a common club-type video, but with slight twists. The sped-up-slow-mo effects given to Usher and the crowd…

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P.'s Playlist: "Elevated (feat. Reepah)" - dannyBe

Elevated Feat. Reepah by dannyBe

Check out pianist/producer/composer and colleague dannyBe with his new promo single. I really like the bounce on this one; get into… Continue

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P.'s Vids: Gaga sings DOWN.

Anyone still think she ain't the real deal? I'll… Continue

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"Flawed is beautiful..."

"Flawed is beautiful..." Continue

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P.'s Vids: "All About Your Heart" - Mindy Gledhill

I've talked about wonderful singer/songwriter Mindy Gledhill in my newsletters (sign up here), and now she's back with an awesome brand new album, "Anchor." Here is a touching video for the song, "All About Your Heart."

Album is available on iTunes. Click…

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P.'s Vids: A PSA

Some thoughts that were going through my head recently about things that I've watched & experienced over the past few weeks. I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

Thanks always for the support.…


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Pop-Hop is coming. Are you ready?

Buy tickets here:

See you…

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P.'s Playlist: "A Woman, A Lover, A Friend" - Chester Gregory

Award-winning actor & singer/songwriter Chester Gregory takes us to that soulful, funky place with his updated version of Jackie Wilson's famous hit. Make sure to catch 'Chess' around the country touring with 'Dreamgirls' as Jimmy "Thunder" Early (that's the character Eddie Murphy played in the movie, oh pop-culture zombies, LOL).…


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P.'s Playlist: "Need You Bad (Flashing Lights)" - Melodie

Get a first listen to this AWESOME mixtape smash-up of Jazmine Sullivan's hit single, "Need You Bad," laid skillfully over the instrumental to Kanye West's "Flashing Lights," sung by friend & colleauge, MELODIE. We definitely want your feedback on this!!

Follow Mel on Twitter @BigMamaMuzik

Oh yeah, I mixed the cut at my studio. AOW!… Continue

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PMG presents P. Murray in: Pop-Hop! LIVE Show August 19th, 7pm in NYC

Register for P. Murray: Pop-Hop in New York, NY on Eventbrite

**Jay-Z Voice** YUP!

We're doing it again, P. Murray pals, less than a month from now, I'm going to be giving you a 45-minute mashup of some of Pop music's biggest records, skillfully placed over, inside, and under a handful of Hip-Hop's most praiseworthy beats & hits. Believe me when I tell you THIS one's gonna be alot of fun. I've been… Continue

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P's Vids: "Dirty Talk" - Wynter Gordon

Check out the new music video for the hit dance single "Dirty Talk" from singer/songwriter and colleague, Ms. Wynter Gordon! Comments & reviews… Continue

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P.'s Playlist: "iBet (Part II)" featuring Cashus C.R.E.A.M.

PMG is proud to bring you another segment in the "First Draft" series. Rapper/Songwriter Cashus C.R.E.A.M. ( ) came through in a major way with this dope 16 for the official remix to iBet! Listen comment, rate, subscribe, and enjoy!…


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P.'s Playlist: Ryan-Oneil's Summer Song of the Week: "TRAMP"

Hey, let's be real, we all know a tramp when we see one. Hell, we may even be friends with one. Maybe YOU'RE the tramp?! In any case, godbrother and musician Ryan-O'Neil has a cool Summer Song about this promiscuous persona, featuring rapstress Virginia Slimmzz and MC Da Beege (formerly known as Tense). Check it out!…


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The BIG Announcement: Finally on iTunes!!! WHOOHOO!

That's right folks, I'm officially on iTunes! For those of you who were wondering when that would happen, it's NOW! Click the pic to get your copy of "First Draft!" Thanks a million for all your support, Pals. I love you all.


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P.'s Pics: Come to LoveJonesNYC 7/14 for my big announcement!


BIG, HUGE, AMAZING ANNOUNCEMENT HAPPENING JULY 14TH AT MASCHIL ENTERTAINMENT'S LOVEJONESNYC. Be there guys, it's gonna be fun, and you'll definitely be happy about what I'm gonna tell yall ;-).

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