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P.'s Playlist: a TodjAE Freestyle

Very rarely do I cosign a mixtape or freestyle cut, but THIS one is dope. Check out my homie TodjAE go in on this Drake instrumental. You can follow him on Twitter by clicking… Continue

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P.'s Vids: Bonus Footage from "The Five-Dollar Jukebox"

Thank you so much once again to everyone who came to support my show! We'll be putting up the best of the night via video clips within the week. In the meantime, enjoy this extra song I did during my second set. Make sure to sign up to You can purchase my EP by clicking the link below:…


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P.'s Vids: "Alejandro" - Lady Gaga

Before I give my snap-review, make sure you watch the video first.

OK, for those wondering what I thought about it, I have a few. First, I loved it. Now for those of you who think I may be saying this simply because I'm a Lady Gaga supporter, you can pump your breaks right there. As with any piece of visual art or music, I do pride myself on the ability to detach from the hype & buzz surrounding said art and observe with an unbiased eye. It is from… Continue

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P.'s Vids: An Announcement about the "Five-Dollar Jukebox"

An important announcement about my show on Friday, June 11th. I hope you can make it out to Billie's Black at… Continue

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P.'s Vids: You'll Never Know

A little a capella fun-ness for you all. Thanks to all my Pals for the continued… Continue

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P.'s Playlist: "New Girl" - Teron Beal

Singer/Songwriter Teron Beal hits us with another cut from his upcoming project, "Liquor Store," due out this fall. I think everyone can remember that day in school when the "New Girl" showed up. Check it out, and post a comment!!

Teron Beal - New Girl by… Continue

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P.'s Playlist: "Power" - Kanye West (Yes, him!)

The mark of a TRUE artist - one who is invested in the advancement & perpetuation of admirable work within their art form - is one who can create such art in the midst of trials and controversy, particularly their own. I have publicly stated that I do not (and will not) condone Kanye West's behavior, due my beliefs in professionalism & tact. However, this track is simply undeniable. Kudos to producer 'Symbolyc' on co-production.… Continue

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P.'s Vids: "Switch It Up" - Novel feat. Algebra Blessett

I've been following singer/songwriter/poet Novel on Twitter for sometime - - and I'm glad to see he's stayed consistent with his music & messages. Check out this dope video featuring the lovely Algebra. Remember, like the music says, "Just be who you are!"

(PS, if you don't know already, look him up and check his writing creds, the man puts in… Continue

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P.'s Playlist: "Music" - SteffNasty feat. Jaiden "The Cure" and Gordon Chambers

So a producer, a singer, and a songwriter walk into a bar. Actually the bar is a studio. Anyway, they walk in and they say, "Let's take a Pop/Hip-Hop hit and turn it out, sing our faces off, then let people listen & download for free!"

Well, there's no punch-line, but this is DEF a dope track! Check out "Music," a re-imagining of the instrumental from Drake's "Find Your Love!" I can dig it!!

PS - I will be doing a cover of "Find Your… Continue

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P.'s Vids: Why Don't You Love Me - Beyonce

In case you haven't seen it yet, here's Beyonce's new video, in which she apparently had a hand directing. I really enjoy this song, and this concept. Work it out Honey… Continue

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P.'s Vids: Performing LIVE at Fertile Ground (National Black Theater, Harlem)

This whole video is great, as it shows off some excellent spoken word artists and musicians.
But, I AM in there. Scroll along to about 6 minutes in, and catch a live rendition of an old favorite, "Talk To Him," written by yours truly. Remix coming soon!!…

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P. Murray Performing LIVE Friday, June 11 | Doors Open 7:30pm

You heard right, pals, "I gotta SHOW to do!" If you're in town for the 2nd week of June, then purchase your ticket today for my gig on Friday night, 6/11/10. For those who don't know, Billie's Black is an amazing soul food restaurant nestled between the streets of Harlem. So basically, you're getting great food, good music, and some fun surprises, all for a VERY reasonable $5. Click the flyer to be…

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Purchase Janelle Monáe's new LP, "The Archandroid," TODAY!

One of my favorite artists in recent years, Janelle Monáe continues to kick musical butt & take fashion names with her eclectic brand of what she has deemed, "Cyber-Soul." It is a strong blend of rock, R&B, soul, and everything in between with a spritz of classical influence to season the sound. Alongside this dope music, the story of Cindy Mayweather, a product of science fiction, fantasy, and political intrigue, weaves itself through the groupings of songs, which Monáe calls 'Suites.'… Continue

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P. Murray Proposal: Gustavo Dudamel

This is why I love music, and why I will continue to champion great art. Please take a moment to watch this video about this amazing conductor from my country's next-door neighbor. Gustavo Dudamel has the fire in his soul & light in his eyes that all those doing music should have. And he is giving back his gift to help others. Pay close attention.

Watch CBS News Videos… Continue

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P;'s Vids: Colombia dances DOWN. That is all.

This is how my country does it on the dance floor. We go in, we go hard, and we give you footwork for LIIIIIIFFFFEEE.… Continue

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P.s Pix: The Ga is coming for illustrated blood!!

Looks like my girl Stefanie Germanotta (p/k/a Lady Gaga) is at it again...this time in full cartoon technicolor. Bluewater Productions is developing a comic book series based on the life & stylings of the new Avant-Garde Pop Diva. For those who didn't know, I'm CERTAINLY a fan of this woman. She's one of the few Pop music artists of the last 5 years to inspire & make me want to raise the bar with my music. Check out this awesome pic from the upcoming release! …


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P's Vids: A 2009 Throwback - In The Studio with HBU & Dy'ari

When you're going through so much music & hard work, it's always fun to look back on the fun times you had doing that work. Seanmichael Rodgers, CEO of HarlemBoy University, and singer/songwriter Dy'ari were at the studio this cold night in early '09, and I decided to break out the camera.… Continue

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P.'s Playlist: Find Your Love - Drake

Looks like Aubrey Graham is at it again with another radio single. I actually really like this song. Watch out, it may show up as a number for my next show (which, PS, is June 11- more details to follow over the weekend *grin*). What do you guys… Continue

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P.'s Personal Side: I love/hate Wendy Williams

For those who are unsure, Wendy Williams is a 20-year shock-jock radio veteran who has recently crossed over into daytime talk TV. She made her mark by being eccentric & unapologetic about dishing the celebrity dirt, particularly when it came to the sexual interests and conquests of the Urban entertainment community. The infamous gaydar phrase, "How U doin'??" has incited more arguments, death threats, and public condemnation than any Don Imus off-color joke (pun intended). It had been… Continue

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P.'s Playlist: Take A Bow - Madonna

Of the vast array of Madonna hits, "Take A Bow" is definitely one of my favorites, along with the video. Written by Babyface as part of her foray into Pop/R&B with the album "Something To Remember," it's a smooth, finely executed record about false love & what happens when we take off our masks and have to face the… Continue

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