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P.'s Playlist: "United State of Pop 2010 (Don't Stop the Pop) - Mashup of Top 25 Billboard Hits" - DJ Earworm

Many of you heard the awesome Pop mix, "United State of Pop 2009 (Blame It on the Pop)." A smart smashup of the 25 Billboard hits of that year using Melodyne infused vocals, saucy snippets of the instrumentals, and a well-thought-out mixup of the lyrics. Well once again, DJ Earworm, the originator of the concept, is hitting us with this year's super-mix, featuring hits from Gaga, Beyonce,… Continue

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P.'s Vids: "Dear John/My Life" - Olamide


If you haven't heard me talk about singer/songwriter Olamide Faison before, I'm glad this is your first musical experience with him. One of the lead musicians in the R&B group, Imajin, Olamide (yes, it's Don Faison's brother, LOL) has branched out as a solo artist, fusing his experiences with theatre, R&B, Soul, Rock, and Funk, to create a very cool, fresh vibe for music…


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We Will Miss You, Teena Marie

Love has no race or gender, music has no laws other than the rules of the heart, and SOUL certainly has no color. Thank you Mary Christine Brockert, p/k/a Teena Marie, for your gift of soul, love, and music. God's star-studded lineup just keeps getting better. Rest well, and say hello to Rick James for… Continue

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P.'s Playlist: "S&M" (Rihanna Reference) - Esther Dean

For those who didn't know, I was actually very pleased with the finished product that was Rihanna's album, "Loud." While she is not of a high live performance caliber, her records on this recent release are proof of great A&R song scouting, exceptional writing/production, and an engineering team of death. Still, it's always fun to notate the history of a song, and the record "S&M," created by Esther Dean… Continue

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P.'s Proceedings: Join P. Murray at Fertile Ground (Harlem, NYC), Jan 13

The First FERTILE GROUND Event of 2011 is gonna be Amazing! And it starts with YOU!

P. Murray is calling all singers, actors, rappers, poets/spoken word artists, instrumentalists,…

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P.'s Playlist: Now Or Never (Album) - Tank

I often get slightly perturbed when folks ask, "Where is all the real music? What happened to it? Why can't I find it?" Moments like these make me glad I have some decency; rather than get salty and yell back, "It ain't gone nowhere fool, stop being stuck on your radio!"...I simply point out the good music…


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P.'s Vids: "Going Away" - Brian Slade (f.k.a. Ton3x)

An artist who just doesn't disappoint. Here is the another music video for his two-part release, "A Brilliant Catastrophe." "Going Away" is a farewell letter of sorts, speaking about the underlying deviance of the Christian church, as well as some of Brian's personal experiences as a minister and gospel artist. The imagery here is well-chosen, and the music, of course, is pristine. Please share…


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P.'s Vids: "Dirty Talk (New Version)" - Wynter Gordon

I meant to post this earlier, but better late than never, and they say it's always better the 2nd time around, right? Well LaGuardia alumn & colleague Wynter Gordon proves that, and HOW! Some of you may remember me posting her first music video for the hit dance single, "Dirty Talk." Well Ms. Gordon has gone back to the drawing board and come up with something fierce! A few smart pieces,…


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P.'s Proceedings: Prima Donna (Opera) - Rufus Wainwright

As someone whose background is entrenched in classical music & technique, I am really glad to see that New York City Opera company is taking a chance on critically acclaimed singer/writer/composer, Rufus Wainwright. I did the City Opera Children's Chorus for several seasons, and I had a blast; it taught me early on how to be a professional in a real-time stage/rehearsal setting. I am looking forward… Continue

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P.'s Vids: "Southern Hospitality" - Hal Linton

Singer/Writer & colleague Hal Linton decides to turn up the heat, Southern-style, with his latest video. Music Video noir, as I've said before, can be a hit-or-miss situation, but Linton's visual team does a great job balancing the classy effect of the 'sans-couleur' scheme and the sensuality of the interplay between Hal and his lovely female counterpart. I really like the contrast of the openness of the set design and the close body contact of the two main… Continue

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P.'s Playlist: A Real Cheeilllll Ustream Mix - Mista Mista Ian Jay

iBet!" Love is love, so let's support this brutha! You can follow him on Twitter @

MistaMistaIanJ. Check the chunes!…


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P.'s Proceedings: Fertile Ground (Harlem, NYC) 12/9/10

Calling all my fellow singers, actors, rappers, poets/spoken word artists, instrumentalists, and those that love them! I am proud to be a part of the Fertile Ground movement. Fertile Ground is a unique showcase that happens every 2nd Thursday of the month, featuring brand new talent from in & around the area. Artists have the opportunity to present fresh… Continue

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P.'s Proposal: All I Want Is You (Album) - Miguel

It's been a very long time since I've co-signed a major label male Urban artist, but after hearing his album and seeing some of his live performances, I've got to say that MIGUEL looks to be next on deck on the mainstream scene in a good way. Many of you know him through his hot single, "All I Want Is You" featuring J. Cole… Continue

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P.'s Playlist: Gunplay Mix - Dj Kalkutta

Gunplay by dj kalkutta

I became acquainted with the dangerously beautiful & super-dope DJ Kalkutta via an event hosted by Antboogie. Besides giving you fashion & sexiness, this Bollywood-esque bombshell holds no punches with her skills & Mash-ups. Check out this hot mix she so kindly sent my way, and be… Continue

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