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P.'s Vids: LIVE at the BET Music Matters Showcase (Highlights)

I want to thank Mr. Omar Grant and BET for having me at the Music Matters showcase. We had such an awesome time performing at SOB's, and the response 2 the material was far better than I could've dreamed. I hope you enjoy these clips of what was an unforgettable moment, and continue to stay tuned for more music & updates.…


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P.'s Proceedings: #MusicMattersPMG

I love when hard work and knowing positive people pay off. And I love knowing that my alma mater, LaGuardia High School, has so many great people who continue to support my work through the years. One such alumni friend is currently a member of the BET Network in charge of their critically acclaimed Music Matters artist showcase. Some of the dopest fresh artists on…


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P.'s Playlist: "The Darkness Behind (simple version)" #tdbs

"The Darkness Behind" was one of the 17 tracks considered for my upcoming LP. After my private listening party during the Fall of 2013, 10 records were chosen, and "Darkness" didn't make the cut. However, I felt a strong attachment to the song, and wanted to share some of the work I've done for the project over the past three years. I hope you enjoy this "stripped"…


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P.'s Playlist: "My September Issue" - B.Slade™

"When a couple finally decides to launch the nukes, everyone involved in their immediate circle will be affected by the fallout."

--A.C. Williams

It's been awhile since I blogged about...well, anything. And as you all know, I try to reserve my reviews for stuff I really think my friends/fam/fans should be hearing. The project in question comes at a pointed moment in music,…


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P.'s Proceedings: #Bakk2Black

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P.'s Proceedings: #FromTheBeginning Again

For more information and full run-down of the event, click the link below.

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P.'s Vids: "Lottery" - Lydia Caesar

With the recent lottery jack pot values seeming to climb ever higher in the hundreds of millions, one can't help but wonder what life would be like if we hit those mystical numbers. Singer/Songwriter Lydia Caesar gives us a fun glimpse into how her life might change in her new video for her single, "Lottery." While riches are nice, Ms. Caesar's lyrics remind…


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P.'s Vids: "Out on The Ledge" - Steff Reed

How aerial acrobatics tie into suggestive religious zeal, occult symbology, and a Judas-complex plotline is a task that is definitely beyond my ken. However, the ability to do so was not missed by producer-turned-artist Steff Reed, in the 1st official video for his debut single, "Out on The Ledge," part of his upcoming EP, "The Intervention." Reed is clearly… Continue

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P.'s Vids: "Devil's Kiss" - Ro James

Can a music video still make you feel? Can a music video still be a love song? It's a question that I'm sure even the most celebrated artists & directors are asking, even as they are still able to garner the budgets & man-power needed to put together the kind of polished, high-quality visual performances expected of today's stars. However, as has been…


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P.'s Vids: "GreenGreed" - Charlie RED

I don't believe in coincidences. So the fact that I've been using social media to rail against the system recently, then I catch this video from Blues/Hip-Hop duo CharlieRED, IMO, is little less than fate. Humor and conscious topics are pitted against each other in this very raw, unapologetic commentary on our society's financially addictive (and financially burdened)…


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P.'s Vids: "Composing "East River Love"" - Decap and Brady Watt

It's been quite sometime since I've posted. Naturally, my time has been preoccupied with helping my family rebuild our home in Breezy Point post-Sandy. SIDEBAR: I'm happy to note that we are back home now! In any event, I'm glad that I can clue you in to some dope musicians who, of course, happen to be friends of mine. Check out this exclusive clip of Bassist Brady Watt…


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P.'s Playlist: "Tea & Spliffs" - Ryan-O'Neil & 100dBs

One of the greatest parts about being an artist and growing up in NYC is that, unless you're a xenophobe or living under a rock, many of the friends you make along the way are going to be artists…


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P.'s Playlist: "Serial Killer" - Moxiie

Who's a killer? Apparently, it's the love interest of singer/songwriter/performance artist, Moxiie. With a hard-hitting track produced by creative duo, The Supasonics, "Serial Killer" grabs you by the neck and doesn't let you go till the last synth note. Definitely digging Moxiie's sound reinvention (a thing for which she's become known to have a knack for). Let…


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P.'s Vids: "Special Delivery" - Bridget Kelly

Fresh off its 106 & Park debut, singer/songwriter & colleague Bridget Kelly releases her very first music video for her buzz single, "Special Delivery." Director Sarah McColgan shows off her aesthetic prowess once again, having already made a splash with Ronnie James' video for "Pledge Allegiance." There is a unique balance of performance & pain in the…


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P.'s Vids: "Want You Back" - Anthony Flammia

As it turns out, Anthony Flammia was an artist I found out through old college friends of mine. A gifted singer/songwriter/pianist, Anthony has been quietly but steadily building his fan base and his song catalogue. I had the pleasure of catching him perform live at Santos' Party House along with some of my favorite artists, including Drew Vision and Tess. All…


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P.'s Vids: "What Once Was" + "The Storm" (Live at The Bitter End, NYC) - Olamide

Not much to say here. When music is this good, words get in the way. Enjoy. Support Olamide.

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P.'s Playlist: The Procession of the #Jackets

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word "Jacket" in several ways:

Group 1

a : a garment for the upper body usually having a front opening, collar, lapels, sleeves, and pockets

b : something worn or fastened around…


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P.'s Playlist: The #ThreeLadies of the #NewRenaissance

Are we clutching pearls at this picture?  Good *grin* that means I got your attention.  This wonderful vintage photo is a costume representation of characters in an 18th century opera by the composer Mozart, called 'The Magic Flute.' The characters, namely, the Three Ladies, are servants and heralds of the Queen of the Night, a villain of sorts, but one of the most…


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P.'s Proceedings: Double Damage Performance Week pt. 1

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