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P.'s Vids: "Making of 'Last Friday Night (TGIF)'" - Katy Perry

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So for those who didn't know, I am absolutely in LOVE with the music video for Katy Perry's single, "Last Friday Night (TGIF)." In. LOVE. From the neo-80's retro fashion, to the Middle America cul-de-sac party houses, to Kenny G (yes, Kenny G) on the Sax on the roof of the house of Rebecca Black (Yes, THAT Rebecca Black!). In the same way I'll always have a… Continue

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P.'s Playlist: "Killing Me" - Danny Larsen

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Danny Larsen is a gifted composer based in New York City. He also happens to be my cousin's boyfriend, who is likewise a gifted singer. Guess it runs in the family even though I'm adopted *grin*. This piece is from the Musical "The… Continue

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P.'s Predecessors: "Vogue (Live at the 1990 MTV VMA's)" - Madonna

When I was a young boy first getting introduced to MTV and the music video hit parade, I'll never forget watching clips from the VMA's, and the one that will always strike me is this performance of "Vogue" by Madonna. Veering completely away from the 1940's film-noir look of the music video, Madge leaped powdered-wig-first into the French Baroque period and never… Continue

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P.'s Playlist: "The Lucid EP" - Blind Benny

The Lucid EP by BlindBenny

Left-of-Pop vocalist JADE has teamed up with a talented group of producers & instrumentalists to come up with the new collective known as Blind Benny. "The Lucid EP" features two full-length songs and a slew of highly-provocative remixes. Jade, whose previous music has received praise from major label artists… Continue

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P.'s Vids: "Yoü and I" - Lady Gaga

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Pop icon Lady Gaga returns to the music video parade with a standard-bearer of a visual interpretation of her latest single, "Yoü and I." Following the success of the previous single, "The Edge of Glory," it… Continue

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