P.'s Playlist: "4AM at the Glass House" - Luke James + Melanie Fiona Mashup

4am at the Glass House from P. Murray on Vimeo.

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Being a fan & colleague of both Luke James and Melanie Fiona, I couldn't help but notice the dope similarities that existed between certain cuts off of their most recent albums. Specifically, I saw alot of musical & lyrical relationships that occurred when doing some side-by-side playback of "4am," from Melanie's LP, "The MF Life," and "Glass House," off of Luke's debut self-titled album. The idea struck me almost instantaneously; why not do a crazy, big-sounding mashup of the two records? So, of course, I went right to work. With a little tempo tweaking, added synths in the right places, and some choral commentary from yours truly, I was able to come up with something I really liked.

The end result is what you hear, here.

I hope you all enjoy the 1st of two remix/mashup releases this month, while I continue to finalize edits on my upcoming LP. Please continue to support Luke James & Melanie Fiona, as they are not only exceptional artists and singers, but also wonderful people with tons of positive energy. I tend to throw my cosign behind creators if I know the latter of the two is true, and after hanging out with them both several times, I can tell you that they really are great individuals. As always, keep checking back with me for music & updates. And thank you so much for your continued support. If you like, share with the tag #4AMATGH

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