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AnalogElectronica.  That's what I'm calling this release from music prodigy, B.Slade.  It is one part Analog genius, one part Electronic erudition, and on all accounts DOPE.  I've had this on repeat since I started previewing it on Bandcamp, then purchased it.  Besides displaying the artistic diversity for which B.Slade (formerly Ton3x) has become well-known, "Knowing" is a brilliantly devised concept album, telling the story of pro-music protagonist Cannon White, a self-professed 'Waxer.'  In the "Knowing" apologue, a Waxer is a non-conformist music enthusiast who champions the history and aesthetic of records created on wax (Vinyl, Cassette Tape, etc.); this is strictly forbidden in White's society, an Albion-esque cross between Orwell's "1984" and Huxley's "Brave New World," run, in part, by music über-mogul Maxell Lotus of O.T.T.O. Records.  Lotus, a despotic and devious billionaire who singlehandedly usurped the already zombie-like music industry, is now in control of any & all commercially backed music or art; any unauthorized deviation from his digital-only brand of vapid, monochromatic entertainment is subject to immediate punishment.  The LP takes us through Cannon White's journey to locate & reconnoiter with fellow Waxers to create a limited-edition fully analog project before Maxell and his minions, the OTTOTUNES, can find, fine, and incarcerate them.

Without going into more detail (you'll have to play the album to get the whole story), it should suffice to say that you're in for a real treat.  "Knowing" is a clear allegory for the state in which the music industry finds itself in the present day, hitting important concepts of individuality, artistic independence, and committing to one's craft in the face of criticism and possible physical retribution.  I highly recommend this LP to anyone looking for someone to conceptualize the counter-culture movement taking place in & around an entertainment industry Hellbent on perpetuating their under-developed artistic ideas to the tune of major profit.  In truth, the brilliance behind "Knowing" lies not just in its storyline or music; the genius is B.Slade's deft ability to tap into the human need for honest artistic expression.  He's not only aware of what we need to do to bring good music back to the forefront.

He's making it.  Right now.


Follow B.Slade on Twitter @BSLADE.

You can view his whole catalogue on his Bandcamp page: Click Here.

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