P.'s Vids: "Chicken Grease (Live in Stockholm, 2012)" - D'Angelo

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No, this is not a type-o. D'Angelo - yup, the guy from that video where he's 98% naked singing & looking like someone is below the camera prepping his happy ending - is back. Rumors have been swirling around for years about this man of soul's return to the stage & studio. Welp, if there was any doubt the critically acclaimed creator still has it, it'll be gone after folks get a look/listen at this. The song is "Chicken Grease," from D's last full LP, "Voodoo." It's one of my top 30 favorite albums, by far, and a staple in my iTunes playlist, particularly when it comes time for some 'quality time.' Anywho, watch, listen, enjoy!

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