Jason Derulo - Ridin' Solo (Your Thoughts?)

Those who know me would probably gag that I'm co-signing the song AND the video. But keep in mind several things:
  1. Jason is a label artist, so while he does have lots of writing credits for this project, everything still had to be approved by the exec's (it's hard to do with the state of Pop music as it is)
  2. Derulo DOES have a decent voice for sure, and you can't make a judgement with this record either way. That's because this is what I like to call "Concept Vocal Production;" That is to say, the overtly nasal and accented singing you hear has been done to enforce a point, or in this case, a catchy feel to the already repetitive hook. Remember, pals, with Pop hits in the 2010's, it's all about easy-to-grasp lyrics and a melody folks can repeat after one or two listens.
  3. Overall, the execution of the record is good, the production is solid, and the video is fun & engaging. That's my feel, anyway. What do you think??

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