P.'s Vids: "We Found Love (Rihanna Cover)" - Jessie J

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United Kingdom Pop Princess & Powerhouse Vocalist Jessie J has no problem pushing herself to the limit on her own songs, a rarity these days when it comes to singer/songwriters. But some of her most exciting work has come from her ability to completely own records that have been made famous by their original artists. When I say own, I mean make the listener totally forget about the original vocal production and just immerse oneself in the awesomeness that is the rendition currently happening. Such is the awesomeness that is Jessie J's cover of Rihanna's mega-hit, "We Found Love." To say that Jessie threw Ri-Ri out the window would be an understatement. Unless the window was that of the penthouse floor of a luxury high-rise on the Upper East Side of New York.

Just saying

LOVE THIS! You will too.

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