P.'s Playlist: "Just Before The Battle Mother (Live at The Catholic University of America, Spring, 2005)"

Just Before The Battle, Mother by P. Murray

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So if you're wondering about the classical sound that I [happily] can't seem to shake in my voice, you're spot on; I hold a degree in Vocal Performance via the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, a part of the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

In 2005, the music school put on a multi-genre musical concert & symposium series known as "Waging Peace: Music In A Time of War." With the Middle East conflict in full swing, it was the opinion of former Dean Murry Sidlin to make our own voices heard by expressing the importance of peace & tolerance through artistic expression. We began the event with a musical collage of war-themed songs & monologues, and titled it, "Souvenirs!" I was asked by the late great Jane Pesci-Townsend, co-director & former Chair of the Music Theatre Department, , to sing this song as part of the program.

You can find more info about the song itself via the Wiki-Link. Click here --> http://bit.ly/u8WDLR


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