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For those curious, you would've first heard of Kevin McCall on a major scale when he was featured on Chris Brown's single, "Deuces." A former promising athlete, McCall has since abandoned aspirations of Sports stardom, trading in his football for a MIDI controller and microphone.  His latest cut, "Naked," calls to mind the mid-tempo bump tracks of the early 2000's; it is very much an aural homage to tracks like Houston's "I Like That" - minus the suicide attempts and such.  However, where Houston seemed unable to handle the pressures of fame, Kevin has succeeded in securing the patronage of Pop star Chris Brown, using the artist's cosign and brand power to assist in his own brand-building.

"Naked" is directed by Brown himself, and while some of the finer points of the visuals speak to an amateur's eye - I wouldn't have used as much filtering in the 'naked' scenes with Kevin and his female costars, for example - the stand-back-and-enjoy effect is carried out exceptionally well. It is interesting to note that Chris, whose dancing/choreo skills have proven to be of a very high caliber, decided to bypass any dance scenes, choosing instead to keep the social interaction low-key and sexually suggestive. I like this track, and the video, so big ups to Kevin McCall on this step out on to the music video public forum!

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