P.'s Vids: "Lottery" - Lydia Caesar

With the recent lottery jack pot values seeming to climb ever higher in the hundreds of millions, one can't help but wonder what life would be like if we hit those mystical numbers. Singer/Songwriter Lydia Caesar gives us a fun glimpse into how her life might change in her new video for her single, "Lottery." While riches are nice, Ms. Caesar's lyrics remind us that love, in all its glory, is far more important than money ever could be. It's not about how much you have, but who you want to share it with. I'm totally digging the songstress' effervescent, sassy visuals, and strong character choices for her shots. If you haven't fallen in love with this wonderful artist, "Lottery" gives you a **wealth** of reasons why now is a great time to start. Pun intended.

You can follow Lydia Caesar on Twitter: @LydiaCaesar

Visit Lydia's Official Website: Click here.

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