P.'s Predecessors: "Vogue (Live at the 1990 MTV VMA's)" - Madonna

When I was a young boy first getting introduced to MTV and the music video hit parade, I'll never forget watching clips from the VMA's, and the one that will always strike me is this performance of "Vogue" by Madonna. Veering completely away from the 1940's film-noir look of the music video, Madge leaped powdered-wig-first into the French Baroque period and never looked back until the last note of the song. She was one of the first female artists to openly acknowledge and put on stage the dance techniques & art forms of the Gay House & Ballroom scene, and America ate it up. For me, this was a life-altering performance, simply because the decadence, intensity, and fun it represented was everything I wanted to experience in my music & art. If anyone was slightly curious, yes, this was a fully lip-synched performance (not at all unlike the drag queen performance pieces at LGBT Functions); the fact that Madonna was able to sell this with little criticism of her choice to not sing is simply because the number killed. It killed, it served, and it was a major benchmark for future performances from major label artists. Point blank, it was freakin' awesome. Hope you enjoy this runway walk down memory lane!

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