P.'s Proposals: OlamideFaison.com

Well, it's here! Or...there. Technically speaking.

For the past two years or so that I've known singer/songwriter/actor Olamide Faison, I've probably hinted - more likely yelled at him - about the importance of getting a website up for his material, and I'm sure that others have too. Who knows where the final straw was drawn, but thanks to whatever Universal powers made it happen, because the long-awaited official website for Olamide is...wait for it...LIVE!!! I'm really proud of Lamz for getting this done; no serious indie artist should be without an iHub where fans and followers can go get a catch-all of media & news about their work. Olamide has done a great job of making the site super-easy to navigate, ensuring that you're only 1 to 2 clicks away from getting to everything he's working on at present. I've always been wary about Java- or Flash-based navigation, but the movement on this site doesn't seem to hinder browsing or take up any serious upload time. It has been said that Americans will only linger on a page for as little as 5 seconds before they lose interest if there isn't foolproof access to the rest of the website; if you can't get around Olamide's site one-handed with one eye open, then baby, you better get you some 'puter lessons (LOL).

P. Murray pals know my selectivity in regards to supporting artists and indie brands. I consider Olamide family, so in supporting him, you support me as well. Please be sure to visit his newly launched website and check out what he's up to. I know you're going to enjoy it. Oh, and yes: that is me in the YouTube clip of his live performance of "Just One Night;" my info and bio will be up on his band page very shortly. #POW.


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