P.'s Vids: "Out on The Ledge" - Steff Reed

How aerial acrobatics tie into suggestive religious zeal, occult symbology, and a Judas-complex plotline is a task that is definitely beyond my ken. However, the ability to do so was not missed by producer-turned-artist Steff Reed, in the 1st official video for his debut single, "Out on The Ledge," part of his upcoming EP, "The Intervention." Reed is clearly trying to expiate demons called forth via past experiences from both his personal and professional life. Whatever anger & anguish that have plagued his psyche as of late, he certainly makes it known that they have brought him dangerously close to this ledge. Has he lost all hope? Will he be able to find solace? To quote a popular phrase, is this the end for our artistic hero, or just the beginning of a metamorphosis? Only time will tell, but "Out on The Ledge" will certainly leave you guessing as well as wanting more. I'm very happy + proud of my friend & colleague at this milestone in his career, and looking forward to what's next for him. I hope you'll support him as well!

You can follow Steff Reed on Twitter: @whoissteffreed

Visit the official website: http://www.whoissteffreed.com/

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