Rock meets Soul mixed with Retro-funk/punk and a tablespoon of Gospel essence. Put that next to a fashion sense that can only be described as individually dope, and you have the Puffy-Haired Tower of Power, Kimberly Nichole. Having recently re-released her full-length LP, "The Yellow Brick Journey (Reloaded)," this Seattle-born, Atlanta-cultivated, Harlem-based performer has been jumping from state to state and country to country, bringing her brand of foot-stomping emotion-filled music to folks who immediately are captivated by her stage presence & fearless vocals.

I met Kimberly in the beginning of 2009, when she rocked the Village Underground with her funky...and I do mean FUNKY...cover of "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley. We were acquainted once again when friend & colleague Chester Gregory asked her to perform with him at a gig in Brooklyn with yours truly on background vocals alongside the lovely Felicia Noelle & Keva Moolenaar Brown. Since then she's been gracious enough to perform alongside me at shows of mine, and will hopefully bless the recording studio with a song I wrote for her this past summer.

You can purchase "The Yellow Brick Journey" by clicking the icon below, and follower her on Twitter @ KimNicky. Please be sure to support!

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