She's fierce, she sings DOWN, she looks amazing, and has a drive like none other. She's the one and only...WISH. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, but traveling all over the country with her spontaneous and stylish version of R&B/Pop music, I came across Wish through the good folks over at Harlem Boy University, around the same time she was promoting her latest project. I loved her sound and no-holds-barred brand, and immediately set to work on finding out more about her.

Fast-forwarding to the present day, I can now say that Wish and I are pals in music & craziness (LOL), and Wish is now on the road promoting her latest album, "Stripdown." Take a look and listen, and be sure to share the content with your friends! Her newest song, "Suga Daddy," is streaming now, and the music video is below.

You can follow Wish on Twitter @ wishishere

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