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Pop icon Lady Gaga returns to the music video parade with a standard-bearer of a visual interpretation of her latest single, "Yoü and I." Following the success of the previous single, "The Edge of Glory," it seems the avant-garde song-painter has chosen a more laid-back tempo and a country twang to sell another part of her musical story, this one laden in love lost & latching on to one's identity. Where as "Edge of Glory" was, per Gaga's request, just the Lady, her signature Versace outfit, and a fire escape (plus the legendary Clarence Clemmons cameo), "Yoü and I" reminds us of why this enigma of an artist continues to create pieces that make us think.

I was personally glad to see the return to the uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach that Lady Gaga seems to pull off effortlessly with her music videos. The roundabout, semi-macabre story of previous flame Luc Carl, meanders just enough into the completely confusing before bringing us back to more comprehensible choreography and simplistic wedding themes. Critics, I'm sure, have pooh-pooh'ed the vid, citing its over-pretentious nature; I would venture to ask that if that's how one feels about this video, what about the slew of prior visuals? I didn't get anything from "Yoü and I" that I wouldn't expect from the artist, and I enjoyed it. For someone who has quoted her tour as being a Rock Opera - an Opera being an "Ostentatious, over-the-top version of a story" - it seems that this creator is only living up to her words.

Just saying :-)

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