P.'s Personal Side: I love/hate Wendy Williams

For those who are unsure, Wendy Williams is a 20-year shock-jock radio veteran who has recently crossed over into daytime talk TV. She made her mark by being eccentric & unapologetic about dishing the celebrity dirt, particularly when it came to the sexual interests and conquests of the Urban entertainment community. The infamous gaydar phrase, "How U doin'??" has incited more arguments, death threats, and public condemnation than any Don Imus off-color joke (pun intended). It had been silently understood by many that if you didn't survive a Wendy Radio interview, you may as well consider another profession; but if you lasted the 15-30 minute inquisition (which usually was about everything BUT your music or entertainment), you would earn a whole new audience who would support you through thick and thin. Now a member of the daily TV gossips, Wendy has successfully "toned it down" and "kicked it up" as far as guests & entertainment value. Take a peek at a clip from her show. I was laughing my butt off at this!

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