P.'s Playlist: "2+2=5 [Gene Stovall vs. Geno Give]" - Gene Stovall

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I met Gene Stovall, a talented singer/rapper from Pittsburgh, at a recent installment of Fertile Ground. I was asked by the host, Olamide, to allow Gene to hit the stage, even though he had not contacted us officially to be part of the lineup. Reluctantly I agreed (we were over time and I didn't want him to perform to an exiting house), and thank God I did; the dope sounds that came from this dude were out of this world. He is a real artist in every sense of the word.

In addition to timeless topics such as love, relationships, and politics, "2+2=5" speaks to the dilemma that many artists face when creating their public persona - the strength to stay true to what you know is great art versus the need to get paid & create work that will facilitate compensation. Stovall seems to do a vocal tarantella throughout the LP, jumping from hip-hop to conscious rap, to smooth R&B layering, and his brand of what he calls, "New Age Scat," in which his voice mimics - to the tee, I might add - the scratch techniques of a skilled Hip-Hop DJ. Compiled together, what you get is a well-crafted piece of musical exposition for an artist that will surely continue to make waves as he travels and performs his work for various audiences across the country.

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