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I first got wind of Lano via his cameo performance in the music video "Suga Daddy" from my homegirl Wish. I like to make a point of supporting artists that my colleagues support, since the folks I co-sign usually make sure to only support real talent. Lano is a hip-hop artist, clothing designer, and tattoo creator hailing from Baltimore City and bringing his unique style of rap and trademarking (thru the Rocket Fam brand) to the music scene with aspirations of greatness. While I've enjoyed many of the records Lano has put out prior to this one, "One Word" embodies a maturity and sensibility that comes with being a seasoned rapper; he seems to know just what to say to try & gain the attention of a good woman, and all under four minutes. This type of 'grown-man' vocal production goes nicely over the light-hearted track, which rounds out the overall record & leaves the end result as a solid radio-friendly single for an already talented individual.

To view Lano's blog with more of his music and lifestyle, Click Here. Make sure to follow him on Twitter @YeahLano.

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