P.'s Proceedings: "The 2-Hour Touch" - (The ORIGINAL) DJ Ice

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What people may not know is that Brooklyn Turntable Extraordinaire DJ Ice is an ole friend & colleague of mine. Ice has now jumped on the digital radio bandwagon with the All City Radio NYC crew to bring you two great online shows you can check out weekly: The Tyme Machine, a mix of old-school fun and new funky records, and the 2-hour Touch, where DJ Ice advises the ladies to "dim the lights" and take heed to some of Urban music's legendary slow jams. Give this video a look & listen, and be sure to tune in every other Sunday for the 2-hour Touch, and every Thursday for the Tyme Machine. Good music & great times all around!

You can check out the All City Radio shows by visiting their uStream page: Click Here.

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