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I'll be honest; as a whole, I'm not a fan of Pop Culture blogs. Most of the ones I've come across are handled by individuals who have no real concept of what the term 'Pop Culture' means, choosing instead to just repost the the cute story of the day to generate attention. This is usually followed by some ill-informed opinion of the topic at hand, which usually shows off the writer's lack of research and journalistic experience. Nowadays, we'll be lucky if half of these C-List bloggers do a thorough spellcheck (forget about grammar, slang seems to be the language du jour - a fact that ticks me off entirely too much). However, there are a few blogs that seem to get what it means to be a reflection of the current times as they pertain to the entertainment industry, while simultaneously offering a well-balanced assessment of it's daily business. One such blog is the website whose name pretty much lets you know how you should feel about their content: Stuff Fly People Like.

StuffFlyPeopleLike.com was launched in 2007 by two bright young men based out of Brooklyn, NY: Rae Holliday, a Bed-Stuy Brooklyn brutha with a sharp wit & experience in various fields of entertainment, and Gabriel Williams, a lover of music and its business with academic & performance credentials to prove it. With their forces combined, the blog has become and remains a keynote iPlatform for all things Pop Culture, thus allowing their readers a VIP-style look into the various aspects of music, fashion, and entertainment. Several 'SFPL' articles have featured artists that I support, including Bridget Kelly, Wynter Gordon, and Chester Gregory. This unbiased posting of quality musical content from all sides of the industry is what really locked me in to their brand; my other reason, of course, is the hilarity that ensues when Rae has a 'blogger moment' during his inquisitions of certain controversial subjects.

Watch out when that happens, Fly fans; if you thought I held no punches when it comes to this type of stuff, you clearly haven't gone through an SFPL post! Of course, it's all ultimately a good-natured and well-educated situation, and I guarantee you'll be coming back for more.

The redesign for StuffFlyPeopleLike is a welcome one, taking the darker, untethered post format, and replacing it with a clean, easy-access listing of all things fly. Readers should have no problem bouncing around the site to hit the most recent Pop topics, and the already-speedy upload time has been cut almost in half. While I love the layout and would not change a thing, an addition that not-so-secret nerds like myself would love to see is a search function, so as to jump to people and stories more quickly. Outside of this, kudos to the SFPL team on a smart & provocative new look for an already exceptional iCreation.

Pals, you can access the website by clicking --> http://stuffflypeoplelike.com/

If you're a Facebooker, be sure to 'Like' their Fan Page by clicking HERE, and you can follow both Rae Holliday and Gabriel Williams on Twitter @RaeHolliday & @GabrielofSFPL, respectively.

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