P.'s Vids: "Artist Follow-Spot: Olamide | Interview at The Nat'l Black Theatre" - Fertile Ground

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Fertile Ground is happy to present the second installment of the "Follow-Spot" series featuring the artist Olamide.

Having been part of a well-known Urban Boy Group with a major label recording contract, been featured on promotional ads & music releases with Britney Spears, and toured alongside other huge acts across the country all before 18, one would think singer/writer/actor Olamide Faison would have had his fill of the business of music. However, Olamide now seeks to find his sound and blaze his own path as an indie artist. Take a few minutes to watch & listen as we get a more in-depth look into the life & times of this first-rate creator & musician.

You can follow Olamide on Twitter @YoOlamide.

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