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The Baltimore fiery songstress & Jive recording artist Wish finally drops the long-anticipated video for the underground House/Pop hit, "Feel Ur Beat." The vid is everything you'd expect from a lady who is an advocate and sanctioned representative of the LGBT Ballroom Scene: bright colors, fierce face, wigs, weaves, drops, kicks, and - of course - truckloads of sequins and sparkly sassiness facilitated by the self-titled 'House of Glitterati.' I wish (pun slightly intended) that we could've seen more action and interaction between the female main characters and Mother Wish, since part of her character development here is to play fairy godmother and self-esteem booster to them, but all in all I liked the piece, and it's clear everyone on set was having a great time. Check it out, comment, and, as they say, "Get your LIFE!"

You can find out more about Wish by following her on Twitter @wishishere, and visiting her Official Website:

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