I reiterate that the fact this great record by Katy Perry is doing so well shows signs that the music industry and its consumers are ready for change. As someone who started out with the controversial record, "I Kissed A Girl," her transition from there to here is one that both her fans and critics have welcomed. I'm extremely glad that we're heading towards making more music with a positive message for people; it's definitely needed given our trying times. Perry's album, "Teenage Dream," is truly a study in masterful Pop songwriting, and I was thoroughly impressed with the precision that went into the finished product.

This video amply captures the nature of the lyrics, which Katy has said are meant to uplift & inspire people everywhere who have been told that they are 'less than' or feel worthless. The vignettes depicting various cases of self-courage and pride in the face of adversity are beautifully accented by the appearance of multicolored sparks & rockets on the bodies of each of the protagonists. I almost wanted there to be a character reunion towards the end, where Perry joins her fellow 'Fireworks' in a final moment of combined strength. Still, the impressive pyrotechnic display at the end packs a real punch, and the Budavári Palota (Buda Castle) in Budapest was a great choice of location.

Purchase this single as well as the rest of Katy's album, "Teenage Dream," on iTunes by clicking HERE. You can follow her on Twitter @KatyPerry.

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