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What can I say? Pop rebel Pink does it again, turning heads & changing minds with her heartfelt, in-your-face brand of writing. "F**kin' Perfect," an artistic response to the recent attention on bullying and suicide, is a fittingly jarring depiction of the life of a young girl who goes through her life on the fringe of what society deems "normal." At her lowest point, the young main character finds herself at the business end of a razor, ironically spelling the word 'PERFECT' in blood. Her return to herself culminates in the discovery of her artistic gifts, a husband, and a daughter. This touching display of how everyone deserves to love themselves and be loved really hit a soft spot in my own heart. I'm glad that Pink serves as the storyteller as opposed to the ingenue, giving the actual vignettes a chance to breathe & have appropriate attention paid to them.

I've posted both videos (clean & NSFW) for your enjoyment. You can watch the explicit version below. Make sure to follow Pink on Twitter @Pink.

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