P.'s Vids: "Rise Of The Underground" Mini-Documentary - Kimberly Nichole


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Singer/Songwriter and aptly titled 'Rock Ballerina' Kimberly Nichole had her media team put together this fun inside look into one of her most recent NY performances, "The Rise Of The Underground," which took place earlier last month at Le Poisson Rouge in downtown Manhattan. Check out some of the behind-the-scenes action and get a brief idea of what goes into putting together a highly-publicized NYC showcase event. For the record, I was in attendance at R.O.T.U. and had an awesome time; great musicianship and great people to match.  Congrats again to Kimberly, Sophia Urista, Jaiden, Rahbi, and Charles Perry on a wonderful show.

You can purchase Ms. Nichole's latest LP, "The Yellow Brick Journey," on iTunes: Click Here.
Be sure to follow Kim on Twitter @KimNicky.

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