Purchase Janelle Monáe's new LP, "The Archandroid," TODAY!

One of my favorite artists in recent years, Janelle Monáe continues to kick musical butt & take fashion names with her eclectic brand of what she has deemed, "Cyber-Soul." It is a strong blend of rock, R&B, soul, and everything in between with a spritz of classical influence to season the sound. Alongside this dope music, the story of Cindy Mayweather, a product of science fiction, fantasy, and political intrigue, weaves itself through the groupings of songs, which Monáe calls 'Suites.' Her latest project, "The Archadroid (Suites II & III)" is sure to delight those seeking something more than just great tracks. Pick up your copy today! How you ask? Why, lo and behold, the picture of the album cover is a direct link to iTunes! Thank me later ;-).


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