P.'s Music: "Part of Me (Part II) #SticksnStonez"



I promised I'd have some new stuff you for guys, and I always try to make good on a promise.

"Part of Me" is a record recently released by award-winning recording artist, Katy Perry, as part of the repackaging of her smash album, "Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection."  Conceived by Pop hit titans Dr. Luke & Max Martin alongside Perry and Bonnie McKee, it's the uptempo breakup song for the 2010's.  I figured I'd play around with it and see what kind of a remix I could conjure up.  I hope you enjoy!

Download link: http://ge.tt/88x3B6F/v/0

Be sure to share this with the hashtag: #SticksnStonez

MADD respect to @CaliforniaDreamsBoy on YouTube for the iLL instrumental hookup! MANY thanks, bro!

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