P.'s Playlist: "Thinking About Forever" - Bridget Kelly

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For those who have been following singer/songwriter Bridget Kelly, I'm sure you all, like myself, have been wondering when this talented artist would be dropping some new music via her Roc Nation creative team. Not wanting to let her fans & supporters down, Miss "BK" has let loose on the cyber waves a brand new record, courtesy of the new industry sensation & pen Frank Ocean and produced by Roc Nation beatsmith Shea Taylor. "Thinking About You" is a mellow but emotion-laden song about longing and wanton desire in the face of adversity. Kelly executes the vocals with ease and the the expertise of the seasoned recording artist she has become, not overdoing it but not leaving anything to chance. Put this song up against "I Miss You (also penned by Ocean)" by Beyonce and/or "Cosmic Journey (feat. Bilal)" by Solange and you've got a nice trifecta of groove. Kudos to everyone involved with this track, and as I said on Jay-Z's blog, it's about damn TIME, Bridget!!!

You can visit Bridget Kelly's website here: http://www.bridgetkelly.com/
Be sure to follow BK on Twitter @theycallmeBK

An HQ version of "Thinking About Forever" is streaming here: http://lifeandtimes.com/diamonds-are-forever

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