P.'s Playlist: The #ThreeLadies of the #NewRenaissance

Are we clutching pearls at this picture?  Good *grin* that means I got your attention.  This wonderful vintage photo is a costume representation of characters in an 18th century opera by the composer Mozart, called 'The Magic Flute.' The characters, namely, the Three Ladies, are servants and heralds of the Queen of the Night, a villain of sorts, but one of the most popular roles in all of Classical Music today. They themselves are crucial to the story of the Magic Flute, as they - at first - help the main characters on their adventures, then work with their Queen to try & destroy them. Unfortunately for them (but lucky for the heroes of the plot), they ultimately are destroyed, but nonetheless do play a major part in the happy ending - without their work, for good or ill, we might still be stuck in Act I of the Opera.
I decided bring up these classical characters as a means of bridging a gap, if you will, to the three ladies that I really wanted to speak about.  Thankfully, all of them are wonderful, good-natured people, but like the Three Ladies of the Magic Flute, they have very important roles to play, in this case, regarding the development of Pop Music in the New Renaissance, and will most certainly be integral in its continuing story.  All three ladies have put out very cool & provocative music over the past several months, and I wanted to wait till I had some time to do some snap reviewing of all of them in one shot, so here we go:

1.) LYDIA CAESAR - Caesar (@LydiaCaesar)

I've known Lydia Caesar for the better part of 4 years now, and have had the pleasure of experiencing her exciting live performing via Fertile Ground.  'Caesar,' the self-titled LP, explores the boundaries of Pop music, dabbling into some soul, a little dance, and a fresh helping of exploratory writing choices. You can feel the emotional highs & lows in her singing, and will certainly enjoy her storytelling.  Take a listen, and download a copy if you like it - I did!

2.) WISH - Me Against Her (@wishishere)

I'm so very proud of Wish, a Baltimore native who has taken the last several years and sky-rocketed her brand from a hot-topic DMV-area artist to rising mainstream star. Having delved into the worlds of Pop, Dance, and R&B, Miss Wish has decided to use her latest release, "Me Against Her," to rightfully revisit her roots in R&B and Soul music. With writing from pen-extraordinaire Donny Roc and tracks from famous beat-makers such as the Stereotypes, "Me Against Her" is a must-have for anyone looking for new artists w/intelligent & thought-stirring songs.

3.) WYNTER GORDON - Human Condition - Part 1: Doleo (@wyntermusic)

Wynter Gordon has been around the world and back, singing & dancing her way from country to continent and gaining myriads of fans with her foot-stomping, high-energy stage shows & vocals.  This time around, the singer/songwriter - and, since I can say it, friend & fellow LaGaurdia HS alum (POW) - has turned her lyrics & musical expression inward, seeking deeper depths and a new sound.  From this search has come the 1st of the "Human Condition" series, 'Doleo (meaning 'Pain'),' a bittersweet look into some of the less colorful portions of her life's journey.  Poignant though this may be, the music itself is genuine and exceptionally well put-together.  Favorites include "Stimela" and "Waiting."   Check it out!

So there you have it, the #ThreeLadies of the #NewRenaissance in Pop.  My hope is that you'll give a listen to all of them, and support them all, as they are friends of mine & awesome colleagues in my field.  Oh, and here's a cool pic, just in case :-)

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