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When Mike Jones started his "Who Is Mike Jones?" campaign, the end result was somewhat of a short-lived sense of satisfaction, being that Jones never really panned out after his first few singles. I'm happy to report that the real question music lovers should be asking is "Who is Luke James (as his social media handles suggest)?" The forensic answers include the musicality of his birthplace (New Orleans), the diversity of his Black American artistic influences (Hathaway, Gaye, etc.), and his affiliation with producers such as The Underdogs and Danja (formerly of the Timbaland camp).  He has since been scouted by A&R's at Mercury records, currently distributed by Island Def Jam. But the more important theories behind the identity of this new face on the scene lie right where they should: in his music.

"I Want You," a post-modern tribute to the classic Motown hits of the late 60's, presents a stripped-down version of the Urban male artist, both musically & visually. Presented in a stylized semi-noire filter, the shots are simple, clean, and give only a precursory glance into the high-voltage emotions of the song itself - a refreshing take indeed, considering the rampant sexuality of so many Pop-R&B videos out at the present time. This bare-bones cinematography also allows the viewer to get a good first look at the artist, without having extraneous imagery try to convolute his execution of the song. And considering that the record speaks to the aesthetic with such ease, the importance of the video being "just right" could not be more urgent.  All in all, the first step out for this artist is one that is well-made & should be well received.  If ever folks were looking for a new Urban major label male artist to cosign, it is apparent that Luke James would like for you to choose him.

You can follow Luke on Twitter @whoislukejames.
Visit his website for music & updates:

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