P.'s Vids: "Want You Back" - Anthony Flammia

As it turns out, Anthony Flammia was an artist I found out through old college friends of mine. A gifted singer/songwriter/pianist, Anthony has been quietly but steadily building his fan base and his song catalogue. I had the pleasure of catching him perform live at Santos' Party House along with some of my favorite artists, including Drew Vision and Tess. All three performers brought their A-game that night, but there was definitely something about Flammia's set that stood out (aside from the fact that he brought the biggest crowd).

"Want You Back" hits all the right points I like to see in an Urban Pop record + video: simplicity, fun, easy-to-grasp concepts, and an extremely catchy hook. We've all seen the whole 'school boy wins his girl back' routine go horribly wrong in a music video: Anthony seems to pick up this motif with ease and run with it. If you're not rooting for him to get his lady & win the talent show by the end of the song, well, you must not be a happy person.

Be sure to pick up "I Want You Back" on iTunes today! Click Here

Make sure to follow Anthony On Twitter: @AnthonyFlammia
You can visit his website here: http://www.AnthonyFlammia.com

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