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Can a music video still make you feel? Can a music video still be a love song? It's a question that I'm sure even the most celebrated artists & directors are asking, even as they are still able to garner the budgets & man-power needed to put together the kind of polished, high-quality visual performances expected of today's stars. However, as has been evidenced by some of the empty artistry on the mainstream media rotation within the past decade, it is very plausible to have a music video that contains all these preconceived prerequisites and still leave the viewer emotionally numb. One wonders, at times, where the next group of creators will be coming from that seeks to break this odd stereotype. Enter into the fray Ro James, and his latest video, "Devil's Kiss."

Keeping in line with his film noir motif from his prior release, "Pledge Allegiance," and working once again with exemplary director Sarah McColgan, alongside photography director Eric Schneider & Edited by Anna Gerstenfeld, "Devil's Kiss" is both a musical and visual home-run for James. While the song itself has a very steady pace, the video manages to find its own set of rhythms, creating a sort of balancing act bewtween scenic cinematography and the more frantic, stressful cut-aways to the tension between Ro and his love interest. Keeping in line with his #Jackets solidarity, our protagonist is rarely seen without it in this video, and, keeping true to the title of his overall creative theme, he is also seldom shot without a bottle of Jack Daniels' whisky in hand. Add in a healthy dose of musical performance (accompanied by a sensual all-female band) and a few shots of communal shot-taking with some older leather jackets, and you have the makings of a finely tuned visual musical instrument.

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Official Website: http://rojamesxix.com/

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