P.'s Vids: "Composing "East River Love"" - Decap and Brady Watt

It's been quite sometime since I've posted. Naturally, my time has been preoccupied with helping my family rebuild our home in Breezy Point post-Sandy. SIDEBAR: I'm happy to note that we are back home now! In any event, I'm glad that I can clue you in to some dope musicians who, of course, happen to be friends of mine. Check out this exclusive clip of Bassist Brady Watt and his ace, Decap, in the middle of their creative process for the track, "East River Love," part of their upcoming project release this Fall. Upwardly mobile chord progressions, slick guitar lines (provided by young prodigy Gabe Lambirth), sensitive percussive ornamentation (via Doug Fitch Smith), and a very user-friendly head-knockable backbeat provide the viewer with a foretaste of what I'm sure is going to be another great collaborative effort from these guys. Share, rate, comment, enjoy, you know the deal.

You can follow Brady and Decap on Twitter: @nyceonthebass @decapmusic

Check out their latest released on their Soundcloud page: CLICK HERE

Till next time!

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