P.'s Playlist: "It Girl" - Jason Derulo

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I've said before and I'll say again that I've always been a sucker for campy Pop tunes. I mean, honestly, could I be able to function in the music industry if I wasn't *Big Grin*? So when recording artist Jason Derulo hit the airwaves with "It Girl," I couldn't help but find myself swaying to the four-to-the-floor kick drum & singing the hook after the first listen. The song was penned by Emanuel Kiriakou, E. Kidd Bogart, Lindy Robbins (all formidable acclaimed Pop writers in the game), and Derulo himself. My biggest draw to this record is the excellent mix & master; Emanuel Kiriakou, also the producer on the single, makes sure to allow for all the instrumentation to breathe without falling victim to the over-compressed, tinny sound that comes from many mastered Pop tunes in today's radio rotation. If you need something new & fun to sing along to, "It Girl" is definitely a car-karaoke moment. Enjoy!

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