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For British singer/songwriter Jessie J, recent musical life has been tough, considering she's been bound to a cast after a bad fall took one of her legs out of commission; I say that to note that this performer, in addition to having a phenomenal voice & pen, is all about using the stage as her artistic playground - thus, being bound to a chair for performances during physical therapy is something she has admittedly stated is difficult for her. However, it seems that having to confine her physical performance to a localized area has helped her deliver the dramatics of her most recent video for the title track to her debut major label LP, "Who You Are." Coincidence? I'm glad to say that I think not.

Keeping in tradition with the catalogue of uplifting Pop ballads before her, Jessie's "Who You Are" goes for the gut with only a few swift blows. Her signature bob hairstyle frames her strong & elegant features as she sings along with the record. Because there is little movement on her part, the viewer is forced to scrutinize the cinematography & more importantly, listen to the music (and being that the music is just that sublime, this is a very good thing). The rainstorm at the end of the piece gives closure to the type of vibe that Jessie went for with the song itself, and it is easy to see why this talented woman is more than just a run-of-the-mill Pop star. Congrats to everyone involved in the making of this video, and kudos to Jessie J & her reps for finally giving visual life to an already amazing piece of music.

Jessie J's album, "Who You Are," is available on iTunes in the US: Click Here.
You can follow her on Twitter @JessieJOfficial

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