P.'s Vids: "Its Not OK" - Lenny Harold

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Singer/songwriter & colleague Lenny Harold follows up the release of his debut album, "The Journal of Wonders," with the official music video for his next single, "It's Not OK." I appreciated this work initially for its simplicity; the idea that our protagonist, namely Lenny, is pulling a nonchalant stalking routine is well shot. In addition to the spurned lover, the idea comes across that it's not at all difficult to follow or keep tabs on someone in New York City while maintaining a low profile, thanks to the high volume of activity that happens on a daily basis; even the camera man seemed to be ducking crowds & traffic in earnest to get certain angles, particularly when it came to capturing our female lead. The psychiatric twist at the end was a nice touch, although it could've happened in less time (maybe during the song itself?) versus being a coda to the video proper. Regardless, it is an enjoyable piece; congrats to Lenny and team on a great step out.

You can find out more about Lenny & purchase his album, "The Journal of Wonders: Tale of the Phoenix in the Moon Labyrinth," right now: Click Here.

Be sure to follow Lenny on Twitter @LennyHarold.

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