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To say that singer/songwriter Ronnie James' debut video is a long time coming would be one of the understatements of the year, since it took several years of work, development, negotiations, and creative ammunition to get to this point (at least, that's what I was told *grin*). However, I'm happy to report - and you'll be happy to see - that this end result is one that you can enjoy again & again. James' version of "Creep" - a rock midtempo hit penned in '92 for the band Radiohead with the help of Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood - does not put on any airs, nor does it try to conform to any particular current Billboard-friendly genre. Rather, the song & the video do a fine job of expressing the pain of an unrequited love coupled with the admission that it is due in part to the protagonist's lack of 'special.' A four-chord progression, several select camera shots & locations, and a simple but heartfelt confession make this cover of "Creep" a 4-minute pièce de résistance, one which will surely instill in fans & new listeners alike that Ronnie James is no fly-by-night artist, but is here to stay.

You can follow Ronnie on Twitter @Ro_James.

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