P.'s Vids: "Yo I Hate My Life" - Teron Beal with Oak & Gorski

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Songwriter/singer & colleague Teron Beal is currently out on the West Coast making music and headlines with his work. While running around, he paused to write & perform this song with LA Based instrumental rock duo, Oak & Gorski. Beal demonstrates his well-honed skill at writing a song that is both simple and profound in nature, and his fellow players do an excellent job of wrapping the lyrics in a well-balanced blanket of homophony. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Be sure to follow Teron on Twitter @TeronBeal.

His album, liquor store, is available now: Click Here.

You can visit the official site for Oak & Gorskihere: http://cellorock.com/

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