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If you’re actually still wondering, yes, this murdering...

If you’re actually still wondering, yes, this murdering troglodyte was a White man. A White man, just like most of the devils responsible for the continued homegrown terrorist violence in the United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and the majority of Europe. Oh, and if you want receipts for that observation, I’m all too happy to provide every one of them. We can look at incidents in places like #Manchester and the #philippines, identity the perpetrators, and how easy it is to say how evil “those people” are. But YOU people…you people and your historical AND present-day machinations make the slaughter of a few dozen civilians in a week-long span look like child’s play. Need I remind folks of the thousands of innocent people who needlessly suffered at the hands of US soldiers in those same Philippines at the turn of the last century, suffering for which its military leaders never saw the inside of a prison cell.

You want the “civilized” world to go after the Islamic State and hold them responsible for their crimes against humanity? Go right ahead. But don’t you EVER forget where these guerrilla factions get their inspiration (and their weapons). Don’t you EVER forget just how this aching shithole of an artificial society came into existence. And don’t y'all EVER forget just how violently marginalized people were - and still are - forced into supporting that society. But on the occasion that you do forget, we’ll be right here to remind you.


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