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Fight me. Regardless of the intention, or the quality of the...

Fight me. Regardless of the intention, or the quality of the project, or his reputation as an industry icon, Shawn Carter propped up his mother’s orientation to help sell his brand. Just like he propped up his drug dealing history to get street cred for his albums, just like he propped up his cheating on Beyoncé and subsequent remorse to pander to respectability politics relationship critics. LGBTQIA Men and Women of Color with talent + integrity are busting they ass to get noticed in this music business, yet for the most part, the community - especially the White Gay brigade - pays them dust and all kinds of fxcked up shade, but Jay-Z spits half a quatrain about sexual tolerance and you kweens lose ya minds.

Chile cheese. Bye. #WakeTFup

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P.'s Playlist: #WhoIAmA

So excited to finally be sharing music from my LP which is, by default, 6-7 years in the making. This track is called "Who I Am," written, recorded, and produced by yours truly. However, a HUGE credit goes to master audio engineer Ryoji Hata, for swooping in and taking this and the other nine records, hearing their mixes, and…


Posted by P. Murray on June 12, 2017 at 10:33am



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