P.'s Playlist: "With Or Without You" #GiveYourselfAwae | U2 Cover

The single "With or Without You" is, without a doubt, one of U2's most successful singles of their long, prolific career. What's interesting about this song is that during the creative + recording process, band members and producers alike were so confused and divided as to how they wanted the record to sound, that it was one executive decision away from being scrapped completely. It was only after The Edge (Guitar) added a two-take insert using his recently received 'Infinite Guitar' on top of the tracking that the "A-Ha" moment occurred. The end result is the smash hit we know & love today.

Being the adopted son of an Irish family, U2 albums were a staple in my home, and, of course, "With Or Without You" was - and remains - one of my favorite records. I wanted to reimagine it in a way that reflected how I've always heard the song in my head: anthemic, profound, and expansive. I covered the song once at an open mic, and officially at my 2014 performance at Billie's Black in NYC. While I had been toying with the idea of putting out a cover version of the record, it was the response I got at Billie's that confirmed my suspicions that if all the parts came together, my end result of the single could really be something special.

I hope you like my take on a timeless Pop classic as much as I loved recreating it. Feel free to 'Like', share, repost, and reblog to your heart's content, using the hashtag #GiveYourselfAwae. I've decided to allow the free download right here, so unless the Industry powers that be intervene, the song is yours. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued love + support. Your appreciation for my work is only matched by my love for you all. Enjoy!

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